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How Do You Measure Up? Why Behavioral Measures are the Only Path To ROI

How Do You Measure Up? Why Behavioral Measures are the Only Path To ROI

April’s Educational Event

Join us at the UTK College of Communication & Information for a discussion on Measurement and ROI and how understanding human behavior is key to effective measurement of your efforts – and the best ways to achieve a successful return on your organization’s time, efforts, and investments.

As humans, we make decisions by weighing the benefits versus the drawbacks of our actions. Therefore, it should not be a surprise when the leadership of our organizations asks the same of us – especially when budgets are involved.

The questions we need to ask ourselves:

  • What does a “return on investment” look like to us? To them?
  • How can we measure the contributions of our individual area when there is “more than one chef in the kitchen?”
  • What about those unseen contributions — for instance, the costly crisis that never happened?

Speaker Details

Stacey Smith Event SpeakerStacey Smith has over 40 years of experience working with an extensive range of clients from Fortune 50 multinational operations to small not-for-profits. She specializes in assisting organizations communicate effectively with key stakeholder groups to build more strategic & solid relationships that influence organizational success.

A counselor with JJ&W since 1981, Stacey has counseled senior management in government, corporations, schools, universities, hospitals and more on how to communicate in ways that builds long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Applying the full range of behavioral science theory, Stacey’s highest and best skills are most widely sought out for:

  • Strategic Planning applying behavioral science theories and strategies to building both long- and short-term organizational planning.
  • Crisis Preparation & Management counsel on a wide range of issues both internally and externally driven.
  • Organization Development utilizing decades of experience in conflict management, group facilitation, problem solving and training.
  • Research with expertise in problem analysis, methodology, qualitative data gathering and analysis.

Stacey was co-founder and senior research counsel at Dudley Research, 1984 – 2002, where she designed, administered, and analyzed behavioral research studies for a wide range of clients. As a co-author of the 7th and 8th Edition of Public Relations Practices, Managerial Case Studies and Problems, (Pearson), she has worked to keep the vision of the earlier authors, Alan Center and Patrick Jackson, front and center for pr students around the world. She is also co-author of “The Public Relations Firm” (Business Expert Press) with Robert Pritchard, for those wanting to learn how to work with public relations firms. Stacey is co-author on the seminal paper “Industry Standards for Measuring Internal Communications” O’Neil, Ewing, Williams & Smith, 2017, and is a chapter contributor to a multiple number of PR texts including “Current Trends and Issues in Internal Communication – Theory and Practice” (Palgrave Macmillan) 2021. Stacey was a frequent contributor to pr reporter, (1981-2003), in its time the most influential international public relations in newsletters in the field.

Tickets & Registration

Snacks will be provided!

  • Students are free – Advance registration is required
  • AAF & AMA Members – $25.00
  • Non-Member Guest  – $35.00

Tickets and registration will be processed through the PRSA Volunteer Chapter website linked below.

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September Luncheon: How & Why Marketing PR Works with Kelly Fletcher

How & Why Marketing PR Works

with Fletcher PR’s
Founder & CEO, Kelly Fletcher


Wednesday, September 10
11:30am to 1:00pm
The Foundry

Register now!

Join us for lunch and discover how Fletcher PR has helped companies like Clayton Homes and Jewelry Television elevate media exposure and lift engagement levels.

About Kelly

Kelly Fletcher is a passionate, creative communications strategist, with dual degrees in public relations and fine arts performance in music. She has directed business development at an Omnicom agency and for RIVR Media, later moving to Jewelry Television as director of corporate communications.

About Fletcher PR

For the last seven years, Kelly has built Fletcher PR, a flourishing national marketing and public relations agency whose vision is changing the way businesses communicate with women. Working with regional, national and Fortune 500 companies, Kelly has 20 years in integrated communications, specializing in the art and science of how women process brand messaging, problem solve, make decisions and purchase. As both a sought-after speaker and a committed director of nonprofit boards—from food banks to breast cancer awareness—Kelly is a thought leader and an activist, raising the level of conversation and resonating with the multitasking, complex life of American women. Learn more about FLetcher PR at www.kellyfletcherpr.com.

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