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Past Programs


September: Ron Parkinson, Ron Parkinson & Associates
October: Herb Baum, The Dial Corporation
November: Sandy Smith, Sandy Smith Seminars
December: Brad Trayser, jstar Brands
January: Brian Hunt, NBC Universal Cable Networks
February: Kingsley Surr, Saatchi Saatchi Compton Worldwide Asia-Pacific
March: Ken Thoreson, Acumen Management Group Ltd.
March Conference: “Nonprofit Marketing,” Karla Williams, The Williams Group
April: Jack Mills
April Awards Gala & Benefit Auction: “April in Paris”
May: Linda Fisk, Scripps Network Interactive


August: “KAMA at the KMA” Membership Reception
September: Chris Schoenleb, International Midas Dealer Association
September Enrichment Series: Wine Appreciation
October: Thomas O’Brien, Procter & Gamble
October Enrichment Series: Golf Clinic
October Conference: “A New Shape of Mail”
November: Subodh Karnik, Delta Air Lines
December: Marketing Exchange
January: Philip Connelly, Vietti Foods Co
January Enrichment Series: Lady Vols vs. Vanderbilt
February: Doug Kirchhofer, Tennessee Smokies
February Conference: “A Marketing Approach in Development,” Karla Williams, The Williams Group
March: Scottie Mayfield, Mayfield Dairy Farms
April: Eva A. May, Español Marketing & Communications, Inc.
May Conference: “Guerrilla Marketing for Free,” Jay Conrad Levinson
May: L. Grant Evans, Charter Communications


August: “KAMA at the KMA” Membership Reception
September: Dick Stevens, Time Inc. Custom Publishing
October: Randall Beard, American Express
November: Herb Baum, Dial Corp.
December: Marketing Exchange
January: Mike Boyd, Home & Garden Television
February: Ralph Ockenfels and Mike Keith, Tennessee Titans
February Conference: “Brandraising While Fundraising,” Todd Baker, The Domain Group
March: Jerry Smith, The Tombras Group
March Awards Gala & Benefit Auction:Celebrating 15 Big Ones
April: Patsy Neal, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame
May: Ashley Shomaker, U30 Group Inc.
May Conference: “Healthcare Marketing,” Danny Fell and Adrienne Foley, Daniel+Douglas+Norcross
June Conference: “Small Business Marketing,” Scott Spaid, Mediapulse; Revonda Moody, Pacific Western Technologies; Tony Spiva, The University of Tennessee; Steve Herzog, Sandler Sales Institute


September: Marketing in Crisis: A Panel Discussion
October: Stevan Porter, Hilton Hotels Corporation
October Mini-Conference: “Managing Change for Bottom-Line Results”, T. Allen Pannell Jr., Miles & Pannell
November: Tonya Hinch, Edison Schools
November Conference: “Increasing the Impact of Special Events”; Dorothy Smith, Smith Marketing; Gene Patterson, WATE-TV; Ellen Liston, Children’s Hospital; Rebecca Ramsey, Shoney’s of Knoxville
December: Members Marketing Fair
January: Heather Lockhart, Feld Entertainment
January Conference: Marketing Boot Camp
February: Michelle Magat, Weber Shandwick Worldwide
February Mini-Conference: “Memory Retention”, Kevin Spath, South College
March Awards Gala & Benefit Auction:C’est Magnifique!
March: Blake Davidson, NASCAR
April: Dianne Jacobs, Pinnacle Foods Corp.
April Mini-Conference: “Top 20 Characteristics of People Who Get to the Top”, Tom Gunnels, Tom Gunnels Seminars
May: Alf Nucifora, Nucifora Consulting Group
May Conference: “Best Practices of Highly Successful Nonprofit Organizations”, Jerry Askew, St. Mary’s Foundation; Monroe Free, Knox Area Rescue Ministries; Steve Diggs, Emerald Youth Foundation


September: Ed Stone, Stone & Associates
October: Vicki Escarra, Delta Air Lines
October Mini-Conference: “Improve Your Communication Skills with Myers-Briggs”, T. Allen Pannell Jr., Miles & Pannell
November: John Anderson, International Consulting
November Mini-Conference: “Designing Better Web Pages”, Scott Spaid, Mediapulse Inc.
January: Greg Van Scoy, Burke Customer Satisfaction Associates
February: John L. Mariotti, The Enterprise Group
February Mini-Conference: “Selling for Non-Sales People”, Pete Johnson, Journal Broadcast Group
March Awards Gala & Benefit Auction:JazzAMAtazz
March: Wanda Holt, Holt Consulting
March Mini-Conference: “Laughter is the Best Therapy”, Dr. Farris Jordan
April: Jerry Michaelson, MarketingAmerica
May: Tom Ward, Nashville Predators
May Conference: “How Marketing Moves Money Your Way: A Conference for Nonprofit Organizations”


September: Fran Jose, Saks Inc.
October: Herb Baum, Hasbro Inc.
October Golf Tournament: Soar with Eagles
October Mini-Conference: “Better Communication with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator”, Steve McArthur, Tennessee Associates International
November: Laurie Tucker, FedEx Corporation
November Mini-Conference: “Better Results from Direct Mail Marketing”, Ann Staup, Direct Mail Services
January: Edmond Lewis, Interactive Pictures Corporation
February: Robert Prazmark, International Management Group
March Awards Gala & Benefit Auction:The Awards Show
March: Al Brown, University of Tennessee Lady Vols
March Mini-Conference: “Getting to WOW Service”, Jeff Hutchison, Ruby Tuesday Inc.
April: Carl Barnhill, Coors Brewing Company
April Mini-Conference: “The Interviewing Process”, Don Truza, Transition Team
May: S. Howard Warnock, Cartier Inc.
May Mini-Conference: “Strategic Marketing”, Jerry Michaelson


September: Paul Jacobs, Jacobs Media
October: Brock Leach, Frito-Lay Development Group
October Conference: “The Many Faces of Teamwork: Making Personality Differences Work for Your Business”
November: Steve David, Procter & Gamble
January: Dan Rohman, Dollywood
February: Laura Kenny, Williams Vyvx Services
March: Harold R. Denton, Former US Nuclear Reactor Regulations Director
April: Phillip Fulmer, University of Tennessee
April Conference: “Marketing 2000: Techniques for the New Millennium”
May: William J. Gammell, Abt Associates Inc.


September: Elaine Burn, American Collegiate Marketing Inc.
October: Casey Wojciechowski, Grey Advertising
November: M. Mercedes Lytle, INROADS
January: Stan Latacha, Goody’s Family Clothing
February: Gloria Ray, Knoxville Sports Corporation
February Awards Gala & Benefit Auction: 10th Anniversary Gala
March: Jerry Benefield, Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corporation USA
April: Lila Everett, Home & Garden Television April Conference: “Seven Keys to Business Forecasting”
May: Charles Sawyer, Philips Consumer Electronics


September Golf Tournament: Soar with Eagles
October: Paul Kusserow, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
November: Joe Weller, Nestle USA
November Conference : “The Internet . . . The Hype . . . The Reality . . .,” Scott Spaid, Mediapulse; Kathy Leonard, InfoTEK Inc.
January: Michael Thomas, Former Chair of Chartered Institute of Marketing
February: Michael Gill and Sheila Patterson, Fired Up! – From Corporate Kiss-Off to Entrepreneurial Kick-Off!
February Awards Gala & Benefit Auction: Casino
March: Frank B. Golley, CokerGolley Ltd.
April: Jerry Laner, Sara Lee Corporation
May: Pat Summitt, University of Tennessee


September: Richard T. Clark, Merck & Co. Inc.
October: Herbert M. Baum, Quaker State
February: Charles E. Curran III, COMAIR Inc.
February Awards Gala & Benefit Auction: Beyond Ourselves: Reaching Outward & Upward
April Conference: “Confessions of a Database Marketer,” Ashleigh P. Groce, APG & Partners
April: David Klein, Advertising Age
May: Carol Mabe, Victoria’s Secret


September: Roger P. DiSilvestro, Athlon Sports Communications Inc.
October Conference: “A Qualitative Research Workshop,” Rebecca Bryant, Directions Data
November: Jonathan Palmer, Barnett Banks Inc.
January: Channing Dawson, Home & Garden Television
February: Bill Samuels, Maker’s Mark Distillery
February Gala: Mardi Gras – AMA Style
March: Russell Whitacre, Oscar Mayer
April: Agenia Walker Clark, Northern Telecom
April Conference: “Knoxville In Focus: Everything You Wanted to Know about Knoxville But Didn’t Know Who, What, Where or How To Ask,” Dr. William Fox, The University of Tennessee; Melissa Muendel, Greater Knoxville Chamber of Commerce; Robert Frady, Equifax National Decision Systems; J. Walker Smith, Yankelovich Partners; Agenia Clark, Northern Telecom


September: Sylvia L. Peters, The Edison Project
October: Phil Satre, Promus Companies
November: Charles E. Davis, NationsBank
January: Ken Yarbrough, TWL Tucker Wayne/Luckie & Company
February: Richard Amann, Boating Magazine
February Gala: A Rhinestone Gala
March: Trey Runnion, Cerner Corporation
April: Polly Kawalek, Quaker Oats Company
May: Terry Growcock, Robertshaw Tennessee


September: Bobby Young, Mercury Records
October: Casey Wojciechowski, Grey Advertising
November: Al Carey, Frito-Lay Direct
January: J. Walker Smith, Yankelovich Partners
February: Bill Burns, The Partnering Group
March: Cynthia Roberts, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
April: Frederick Avery, Kraft Food Ingredients Corporation
May: Vicky Peltz, Garr Consulting Group


September: John Cranor, KFC
October: Derrick L. Herndon, Citibank
November: Chris Schoenleb, Midas International
December Reception: Marketing Wall of Fame Dedication
January: Bob Hope, Whittle Communications
February: Peggy Vessels, Jack Daniels Distillery
February Gala: Spend an Evening with Royalty
March: Scott Denison, Philips Consumer Electronics Company
April: Dianne Stokely, Federal Express
April Conference: “Preserve Your Customers,” Diane Stokely, Federal Express; Paul Bates, St. Mary’s Medical Center; Diana Baskette, Whirlpool; Mike Connor, Connor Concepts; Mark White, The Williams Company; David Wooley, Barber & McMurry; John Carmel, Duke University Diet and Fitness Center
May: Bill Schmidt, Quaker Oats Company


September: Judy Jordan, Delta Air Lines
October: Jerry Welsh, Welsh Marketing Associates
November: Lawrence D. Milligan Jr., Procter & Gamble
January: George M. Garces, Giltspur Inc.
February: Ruth A. Wooden, The Ad Council
February Gala: The Art of Marketing
March: James Jones, Eastman Chemical Company
April: Tonya G. Hinch, Clairol
May: Alex Korthals, Philips Consumer Electronics Company


September: Joel I. Brest, IBM Corporation
October: Deborah E. Kelly, Quaker Oats Company
November: William W. Adams, Armstrong World Industries Inc.
January: Joshua I. Smith, MAXIMA Corporation
February: Mark Medley, Control Technology Inc.
March: Barbara L. Behrman, Heinz USA
April: Harry Edelson, Edelson Technology Partners
May: H. Lee Martin, TeleRobotics International Inc.


September: Gerald Garcia, The Knoxville Journal
October: Jack Mills, Procter & Gamble
November: Scottie Mayfield, Mayfield Dairy
January: Jim Ritts, Whittle Communications
February: Davis Masten, Cheskin & Masten
March: John Rougeou, Elrick & Lavidge Inc.
April: John Cranor, Pepsi-Cola

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