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Nominations for Outstanding Marketing Professional

Please use the following submission form below to enter your nomination for the AMA Knoxville Outstanding Marketing Professional. The winner will be announced prior to the Honors event in the spring!

This honor is presented to a marketing practitioner whose career has promoted ethical and professional practices. In addition, the recipient’s name is given to the scholarship(s) presented to the Outstanding Marketing Students.

The criteria for this honor are as follows:

  • A 20+ year career serving as a role model for our business and marketing community;
  • Recognized marketing knowledge and skills which have enhanced the visibility, viability, and credibility of the marketing profession;
  • Possession of the qualities that are the integral to the purpose of AMA Knoxville — to enhance the professional and ethical practice of marketing, to foster educational opportunities, and to promote excellence.

The award is not given for a single marketing campaign but for cumulative marketing career achievement.

Please use the message area below to write in your nomination. Thank you!

Nominations are closed for this year. Feel free to email president@amaknoxville.com with any questions, or a nominee for next year! Thank you!

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