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Eagle Endowment for Marketing Education

In December 1990, AMA Knoxville created The Eagle Endowment for Marketing Education as a means to build a permanent fund from which half the income would be distributed annually, and the other half reinvested, to provide scholarships for outstanding marketing students at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Since its inception, it was stipulated that no income would be distributed until the Endowment had grown to $100,000, a goal that was reached in 1998. Upon reaching the $100,000 goal and with half the income being reinvested, the Endowment would continue to grow indefinitely.

Contributions of $1,000 or more qualify a donor to be designated as a member in perpetuity of the prestigious Circle of Eagles. Members of the Circle of Eagles are recognized on our website at www.amaknoxville.com and on a permanent bronze plaque on the Marketing Wall of Fame located in the Stokely Management Center on The University of Tennessee Knoxville campus. In addition, Circle of Eagles donors are presented with an appreciation plaque and recognized at either an AMA Knoxville or UT Marketing Department event during the year in which the contribution is made. In addition to these donations, the Endowment grows through the addition of contributions and the net proceeds from designated fundraising events.

The Endowment is the property of the AMA Knoxville. In the event that the chapter ceases, the Endowment would be transferred to The University of Tennessee Department of Marketing with the stipulation that only half the income be distributed and half be reinvested annually.

Eagle Endowment income is distributed annually as follows:

  • A scholarship(s) to the undergraduate Outstanding Marketing Student(s) of the Year consisting of half the Endowment annual income, presented in honor of the Outstanding Marketing Professional of the Year. Selection of the scholarship recipient is the responsibility of the KAMA Scholarship Committee, which considers academic achievement, extracurricular activities (including activity in the AMA University of Tennessee Chapter), and the written applications of numerous students. Financial need may play a role in the final choice of the recipient, but it is not the overriding factor. The scholarship is given with detached and disinterested generosity in the hopes that marketing education may be furthered for the student recipient.

As the monies available for distribution increase, additional awards and scholarships will include:

  • A scholarship for an outstanding graduate student: Eagle Scholarship for Marketing Knowledge;
  • Grant(s) for marketing-related research, or to assist in supporting international understanding relevant to marketing (e.g., a grant to a foreign student who needs financial assistance); and
  • A discretionary grant for the Chairperson of the University of Tennessee Department of Marketing.

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Circle of Eagles

AMA Knoxville is grateful for the generosity of those listed below who have chosen to become members of the Circle of Eagles through their gifts to the AMA Knoxville Eagle Endowment for Marketing Education.

For more information about becoming a member of the Circle of Eagles via a tax-deductible donation, please contact president@amaknoxville.com.

CJ Orrico

Dr. Patricia Amick

Jenny Banner

Scott Bird

Tony & Betty Bird

Deanene Catani

James Dick

Sam Furrow

Phil Graves

James (Jim) Haslam II

Jennifer Holder

Roger & Basia Jenkins

Townes Lavidge Osborn

Kara McFarland

Carey Merz

Dr. Virgil & Kathleen Metts

Dave Miller

Frank Nystrom

C. Edward & Johnnie Roberts

J. Patrick Roddy III


Gary Rowcliffe

David Schumann

Kate Vitasek

Chris Whittle


Clayton Family Foundation

Clayton Homes, Inc.

Davis Newman Payne

FedEx Corporation

Frito-Lay, Inc.

Goody’s Family Clothing

Home Federal Bank

KNOX International Corp

Oak Ridge Mall/Crown American

Proffitt’s Department Stores

St. Mary’s Health Systems

The L.A.M.P. Foundation

The Quaker Oats Company

Susan Napier-Sewell

Colby McLemore

Pilot Flying J

RIVR Media

The University of Tennessee Medical Center


Sustaining Eagles

The following have contributed $100 or more to the KAMA Eagle Endowment for Marketing Education:

  • Contributions in Honor of Donna Cobble:
    • Wood Family Foundation Inc.
    • Dana Corporation
  • Bagwell Communications
  • Furrow Auction Company
  • Dr. Richard C. Reizenstein
  • Thomas W. Waldrop
  • Sharon Simon Toedte
  • Jewel Brown
  • Dr. and Mrs. Mark Crumpton
  • The Phil Graves Fund:
    • Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service Inc.
    • Marcia M. Shelly Insurance Services
    • Swannee Sexton
    • David W. Bolt
    • Rocky Mountain Support Services
    • Smoky Mountain Soaring Association
    • Jacki Kirk
    • Robert J. Lavidge
    • Multiple Listing Service of Tulsa Realtors Inc.
    • Triad MLS Inc.
    • Barbara Waldorf
  • Cal MacLean

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