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Member Success Stories

AMA Knoxville offers networking opportunities and professional development, but for me, it’s more than that. It’s a way to meet like-minded marketers who morph into friends.

Laura Spica

My AMA Knoxville membership has opened the door for me to network with marketing pro’s that I would not otherwise get to meet in my current position. The more involved I am, the more benefits I reap!

Marti Townsend

AMA Knoxville membership has provided me the opportunity to grow my profession and meet the key marketing practitioners in our community. Additionally, I’ve found some friends for life!

A great example of leveraging relationships that I have formed is when I was recently having lunch with a member and former President, Laura Spica. She shared an idea about a business she had some experience with. I was able to leverage this experience to position an opportunity for a philanthropic gift to my current employer. This was further built upon by the expertise of my co-worker, member and former President, Jim Ragonese working in conjunction with the donor’s public relations firm contact, Scott Bird, member and Former President. The outcomes were improved as a result of the combined relationships amongst this group!

Deanene Catani

AMA Knoxville is an organization that provides a unique opportunity to network with peers, as well as share new ideas and learn about up-and-coming trends. Over the years, I have developed enthusiastic and dependable business relationships through AMA Knoxville and value my time serving with incredible leaders in the Knoxville marketing industry.

Kim Bumpas

I am new to the area, AMA Knoxville has allowed me to meet other marketing professionals that I otherwise would never meet, network and find out more about East Tennessee.

Cindy Hagemann

It amazes me how often I collaborate on professional projects with the people I’ve met through the years at AMA Knoxville events and programs. We develop great friendships and we produce outstanding results in our workplaces. There’s no telling how many businesses in Knoxville have benefited because of the knowledge shared through AMA Knoxville relationships and events.

Jim Ragonese

It's reenergizing to spend time learning with other professionals in our industry. AMA Knoxville continues generating opportunities for marketing folks across the spectrum – from creative types to media gurus to business development experts – coming together to listen and share. I enjoy the educational aspect as well; hearing stories about how others in our industry succeed can only help grow my business, too!

Elizabeth Sawinski

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