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To close out a year that’s been challenging at best, members of AMA Knoxville met virtually to connect with one another and spread some holiday cheer.

Holiday Movie Trivia Challenge

The evening’s main event was a holiday movie challenge via Kahoot. Questions were skillfully crafted to test even the most observant of movie-watchers. After a hard-fought battle between movie trivia masters, Chris Hill was crowned the Holiday Trivia Master. 

Upcoming Events

Join us in 2021 for more opportunities to learn, grow, and network with your AMA Knoxville community. In January, AMA Knoxville will be hosting a virtual event featuring best-selling author Jeff Butler of JButler International during which he will discuss ways to bridge the generational gap in the modern workplace as well as our annual conference Crafting Campaigns: From Concept to Conversion featuring local and national experts.  

For more information on upcoming events or to purchase your tickets, please visit us on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/ama-knoxville-4371428287

Written by Jessica Sarten. Jessica is a an e-commerce marketing specialist and marketing blogger. She’s passionate about helping small business owners navigate the digital world and create game-changing growth for their companies. When she’s not working you can find her with a vanilla latte in hand, enjoying a podcast, crocheting, or spending time with her husband, Jairus. To learn more or connect with Jessica, please visit her website.

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