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The AMA Knoxville chapter works to bring together local marketing minds for professional development events and networking opportunities. The chapter also supports the next generation of marketers through the  Eagle Endowment, a scholarship for marketing students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Holly Yalove, president-elect of AMA Knoxville, introduced the event and recognized the board members, volunteers, and annual sponsors (Slamdot, Colby’s Photography, Kroeger-Miller CPAs, and Humblepod) that make it possible for the chapter to continually invest in Knoxville’s marketing community.

For those who may not be aware, The Knoxville AMA chapter has partnered with UT’s non-credit program to provide AMA-backed certificate programs. The next course will focus on digital marketing management and will be taught by Holly Yalove. Sign up now at http://www.utnoncredit.com/


Meet the Presenter 

Leslie Beale is the founder and CEO of Profusion Strategies. She has two decades of experience in building and leading teams, developing and delivering employee training, and crafting and implementing process and efficiency improvements. She is certified as an executive coach with the International Coaching Federation and has hundreds of hours of experience in coaching and mentoring leaders of all levels in a variety of industries.

When she’s not working, you can find Leslie watching her sons play sports, hiking, or playing (bad) tennis.


What the Changing Future of Work Means for Today’s Leaders

As move away from quarantines and into the new landscape of post-pandemic work there are three critical questions we must ask ourselves:

  • What current changes will shape the future of work?
  • What hidden impacts are these changes causing?
  • What do leaders need to do to adjust?

Over the past year we’ve been in a constant state of description, uncertainty, isolation, disconnection, and struggle. The disruption caused by COVID-19 was unprecedented in its speed and scope. In the shock of this disruption, we experienced an initial adrenaline-based response which was followed by months of uncertainty that have led to a lot of the change that we’re experiencing in the workplace today.


What Changes Will Shape the Future of Work? 

Some changes may be more permanent than others, including:

  • Remote work – Over the past year companies that had not previously considered offering remote work opportunities have been forced into this new work from home model. Almost 48% of the workforce may be remote at least some of the time, an 18% increase over pre-pandemic rates, and as much as 327% of the workforce may stay remote post-pandemic, with the number of remote workers doubling in the next 5 years. After experiencing success with remote work, many organizations are considering downsizing or significantly altering office footprint.
  •  Massive shake up in the talent pool – Voluntary turnover has made a big impact on the workforce with over a quarter of all workers saying they plan to look for a new job once the health crisis is behind us. Permanent changes in remote work will allow for broader talent pools as people “work from anywhere,” but remote work will also open up opportunities for your workforce to look elsewhere.
  • Entering the age of “corporate social justice” – Over the past year new pressures and expectations have been placed on companies to responsibly impact and interact with the world.
  • Increased demand for flexibility – This applies not only to flexibility with regard to remote work and childcare, but will also impact schedule flexibility as well with many employees questioning why it’s necessary to get their work done between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.
  • Performance tracking – With remote work becoming a new part of the workplace landscape, employers must find new ways to track employee performance from a distance. Computer and keystroke tracking software is available, but can send a negative message to employees about trust.
  • Fairness in hybrid teams – Employers must be ready to determine what’s fair and equitable between employees when some are working remotely and others are working in the office. Perceived disparities in work distribution can be detrimental to workplace morale.
  • Demand for social support from employers – During the height of the pandemic uncertainty, the number of employers offering mental health support to their employees grew significantly. Rather than revoking these benefits, employers should expect to include higher levels of support in their benefits packages moving forward.
  • Increased pressure for organizations to consider their brand as an employer – Because of the increased opportunities that come with remote work, your company is now competing for top talent with exponentially more other employers. Rather than simply posting a job offer, be ready to show employees that you offer a great place to work, professional development opportunities, support for employees, care about social justice, good pandemic response, etc…


How Do We Move Forward?

Company leadership has been, and will continue to be, stretched like never before when it comes to managing performance, handling conversations about flexibility, responding to demands for diversity, and so much more.

With so many added pressures it’s important that leaders learn to adapt.

Leaders are human. They’re tired. They’re worn down. And no matter what a leader is dealing with personally, they’re still responsible for their team. To continue to be an effective leader, they’ll need to take some time and work on themselves to broaden their perspective and build resiliency.

Leaders must also learn new ways to effectively manage their teams. The most helpful thing a leader can do for their team is provide clarity. Be clear with your goals and expectations, craft a cohesive vision for your team, and keep team members motivated to serve that vision.


Interested in Continuing the Conversation?

Leslie Beale and Profusion Strategies offer an invitation-only leaders forum to help build better leaders and help our best leaders continue to succeed. The next Leaders Forum will be held on June 23, 2021 at 9:00 AM. To request an invitation, email admin@profusionstrategies.com

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