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The AMA Knoxville chapter works to bring together local marketing minds for professional development events and networking opportunities.

Chris Hill, president of AMA Knoxville, introduced the event and recognized the board members, volunteers, and annual sponsors (Slamdot, Colby’s Photography, Kroeger-Miller CPAs, and Humblepod) that make it possible for the chapter to continually invest in Knoxville’s marketing community.


  • We are currently accepting applications for the Eagle Endowment, a scholarship for marketing students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • The Knoxville AMA chapter has partnered with UT’s non-credit program to provide AMA-backed certificate programs. Sign up now at http://www.utnoncredit.com/


Meet the Presenter 

Jill Green, a professional recruiter, has diversified experience with a variety of industries and has significant experience in the recruitment and placement of business professionals to include accounting, finance, human resources and executive administrative, sales, manufacturing, operations, customer service, marketing, and other roles. Jill has worked as a professional recruiter in the East Tennessee area since 2003. Her previous work experience includes accounting within the manufacturing, automotive dealership and distribution industries. Jill is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in Organizational Administration and obtained a second degree in accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Jill is active in and continues to support many professional and civic organizations, including Financial Executives International (FEI), the Knoxville Chamber, the United Way, Leadership Knoxville, Make-A-Wish East Tennessee and is currently part of the FBI Citizens Academy Class of 2020.


What is Career Branding?

Career branding is the process of creating a recognizable professional name and reputation for yourself. It encompasses the way you speak, all written communications, your appearance, your online profiles and presence, and so much more.

There are many considerations in effectively creating a professional brand, but a few that are of the utmost importance are consistency and attention to detail. You want to be sure that you’re presenting a consistent image in all areas including your cover letter, resume, online profiles, personal appearance, and even in Google search results. Take a minute and Google your own name (your interviewer certainly will) – do the results represent you well?

For the best possible presentation on your online profiles (particularly LinkedIn), you’ll want to follow these few tips:

  • Display an appropriate photo (a professional headshot is best)
  • Ensure the contact information you list is up to date and correct
  • Display your educational background and accomplishments
  • Give more than you receive – be sure that what you post provides value for your audience
  • And remember – everything is searchable!


Professional Writing

During the job search you can expect to do quite a bit of professional writing. First and foremost, you’ll need to write a resume and cover letter.

When writing your cover letter, keep it short and sweet. Grab the attention of the reader right away and address your letter to an individual if possible. Take time to look up the company’s HR director or hiring manager on LinkedIn so you can add a personal touch to the letter instead of simple addressing it “to whom it may concern.” Avoid using fluff words in the body of the letter and use it as a place to convey details that may not be on your resume like charter changes, geographical moves, or gaps in employment. Your cover letter is also a great place to share your most notable (and quantifiable) accomplishments that pertain to the company or position you are applying for. Last but not least, close your letter with a call to action or a next step the reader should take.

Your resume, on the other hand, should be focused strictly on your career history, education, certifications, and quantifiable accomplishments. Be sure to craft a concise objective statement detailing your career goal. Instead of relying on overused buzzwords, consider using keywords that will help your resume be easily understood by ATS and HRIS systems that are commonly used by large companies. As for the appearance of your resume, be sure to choose a clean, easy-to-read format and utilize the margins as much as possible. 

 To write an effective resume and cover letter, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Know your market – Do your research on the career field and position you’re applying for. Be prepared to speak to your unique qualifications for the role and have detailed conversations about the industry you’re applying for.
  2. Know your product – Hint: it’s you! What are your unique characteristics? What sets you apart from your peers? Effectively explain your accomplishments and strengths that make you well suited for the position. Be sure to be honest and make sure you can back up anything you list on your resume.
  3. Assemble your resume – Include your name, target position, career highlights, education, references, systems, and involvements.
  4. Critique, polish, and proof – Before sending off your resume, be sure to spell check it and even have someone else proofread for anything that spell check might not catch. Attention to detail is key, and typos will not be appreciated by the company you’re applying to.


Professional Interactions

Elevator Speech

Your elevator speech is a brief statement that describes you and your career objectives. Before heading in for an interview, be sure that you have clearly defined these factors and can confidently deliver this statement to your interviewer. To prepare, consider role playing what it might be like to deliver this statement in a variety of settings (career fair, interview, business event, etc.). You’ll also want to be prepared for common follow-up questions including your greatest strengths or weaknesses, your ultimate career goals, and more.

Personal Appearance

Your appearance plays a huge role in creating a first impression. When preparing for an interview, you’ll want to choose an outfit that is conservative and traditional and avoid flashy colors. Simple accessories are acceptable, but avoid jewelry that might be oversized or noisy. Avoid extreme styles including piercings, unnatural hair color, and heavy makeup. And finally, when selecting perfume or cologne remember that your interview can smell your before they see you and a little goes a long way.


Once you’ve secured an interview, the real fun begins. Prior to the interview, do your research and have questions prepared for your interviewer. Arrive on time, not too early and certainly not late. Keep in mind – the interview starts when you pull into the parking lot so be aware of how you conduct yourself even before you walk into the building. While interviewing, keep good posture, keep your cell phone silenced and out of sight, and limit your use of filler words – opt to pause and briefly collect your thoughts instead.

A big mistake that candidates often make is not actually asking for the position at the end of the interview. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways from a direct ask to asking when you can expect to hear from the company or what the next steps are following the interview process. And of course, follow up on your interview with a thank you note!


Networking & Job Searching

Networking with industry professionals is an effective method to search for jobs and stay aware of positions becoming available. As opposed to social networking, job search networking should be planned and organized. There are a variety of venues that this might take place including professional groups, local chamber events, conventions, trade shows, community events, and more.

Creating a well-rounded professional network can be an incredibly valuable tool in any job search. Additionally, you might find success by locating an industry-specific recruiter or working with a staffing company.


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