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The AMA Knoxville chapter works to bring together local marketing minds for professional development events and networking opportunities. We also Invest in future marketers through Eagle Endowment at the University of Tennessee. 

AMA Knoxville Chapter President, Chris Hill, opened our March virtual event by thanking our board of directors and volunteers who work tirelessly to grow the chapter and the marketing industry in our city. Hill also thanked the annual sponsors – Slamdot, Colby’s Photography, Kroeger-Miller CPAs, and Humblepod – for their continued support of the chapter.

As an announcement for AMA Knoxville members, we have started a Slack channel that we would love to have you participate in. If you’re interested in joining, please sign up and become a member of the #amak-members-general channel.


Meet the Presenter

Regina Bonds, also affectionately known as, the Confidence Guru, is celebrated as one of the world’s most trusted voices to women, challenging them to use their confidence to improve, enhance, and ultimately elevate their lives. Regina has worked with women around the world helping them recognize their value, find their voice, and clarify their path through the power of her confidence formula. Hear from Regina as she breaks her formula down in a way that helps attendees leave with a plan to level up in every area of life.


Cultivating Your Confidence

2020 was a difficult and trying year for everyone. Now is the time to put that behind us and focus on bouncing back in 2021. This is the year to realign, refocus, refuel, and restart. To help you press that restart button, Regina is here to help you cultivate your confidence. 

Grab a sheet of paper and draw the biggest circle you can on that paper. At the top, write “Life of (your name)”. Inside the circle draw two smaller circles, one on the left labeled “COC” for “Circle of Circumstance” and one on the right labeled “COP” for “Circle of Possibility.”

85% of the world today is living inside of their COC, focusing on what life has handed them and not making moves to attain their goals. Only 15% is living in their COP – this is the group that says, “No matter what, I’m showing up and putting my best foot forward.” Now ask yourself – are you one of the 85% or the 15%?

If you’re tired of living in your Circle of Circumstance and you’re ready to elevate to your Circle of Possibility, this information is for you. Extraordinary is calling your name and confidence is going to play a leading role in allowing you to level up.


Achieving Truly Explosive Confidence Growth

You’ll need 3 things to experience this kind of explosive confidence growth:

    1. Clarity. You have to understand what you want out of life. What can’t be explained can never be attained. Don’t be afraid to try something and realize it’s not quite what you wanted – finding out what you DON’T want is just as important as finding out what you DO.
    2. Courage. This transformation isn’t going to come easily or without fear. You’ve got to have the ability to do it even though you’re afraid. Be willing to bet on yourself. Be willing to take risks. And most importantly, be willing to be who you decide to be regardless of what anyone else thinks.
    3. Commitment. Are you committed to what it’s going to take to get you to your goal? How dedicated are you to reaching your next level and achieving the most confident version of yourself? Reaching these goals takes serious commitment. You have to take responsibility for your success. No one else is going to do it for you.

A statistic from Business Insider notes that a whopping 85% of your success is based on your ability to be confident and believe in yourself. This is so important because while of course we’ve got to perfect our skills, we’ve also got to learn to perfect our confidence.

“Cashflow flows where confidence goes.”
– Regina Bonds

So unleash your confidence and elevate to the realm of unstoppable possibility. It’s going to require the clarity to know where you want to go, the courage to go after it even though you’re scared, and the commitment to stick with it day in and day out even when it’s difficult. 


Want to Learn More from Regina Bonds?

Be sure to follow Regina on Facebook and Instagram @reginakbonds for regular confidence coaching. And if you’d like to work with her directly you can visit reginabonds.com for more information on her 4 week mentorship program and exclusive one-on-one coaching opportunities.

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